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Traditional IRA / Roth IRA / 401K Rollover

401Ks have replaced pensions as the way companies offer employees a path to earn retirement income for years of service.

However, within employer 401k plans, there are only limited investment opportunities which typically have hidden fees in them. This gives employees very few options in which to make money in increasing markets and to minimize the downside of decreasing markets. It is a buy and hold strategy that rarely works and causes a lot of anxiety for clients.

There are situations in which you no longer need to keep your money in an unmanaged 401k. When you separate from your employer, whether by choice or not, you can rollover your 401k to a traditional IRA, or a Rollover IRA, regardless of your age. However, when you turn 59.5, even if you are still employed, you can rollover your 401k into a professionally and proactively managed account with us. Typically, this is always the best strategy.

When you work with our company, you will typically experience a significant reduction in fees. Our fee for managing money is 1.00%, but we are also very proactive in the management of your account. Additionally, you will not find hidden fees in our investments on your behalf.

With our proactive money management strategies, you will also gain the added benefit of a tax efficiency, in addition to being cost effective.

Give us a call and we will explain all the benefits of a properly done 401k and all the options that are available to you. Call our office now at 337-366-9892 or click on the Book a Meeting button to schedule a time that is convenient for you.


View on Traditional IRA / Roth IRA / 401K Rollover

Depending on employment status, 401Ks can offer several challenges – and opportunities – for investors.

Investors have three basic options with 401k’s:

● They can move their 401K account into a new 401k account with a new employer.

● They can move their 401k account into either a Traditional or Rollover IRA at our trading platform which is TD Ameritrade/Charles Schwab. This allows us the ability to proactive manage your monies and reduce your fees, or

● We can take your 401k, or Traditional IRA, and create a tax free account for you called a Roth IRA, and manage those monies proactively for you as well

In the first example above, although it may be the obvious and easiest move for some people, rolling the old 401k into the new employers 401k, will typically not provide any financial advantages for you.

401k’s simply have limited investment opportunities and hidden fees, no matter who the employer is.

It is typically best to move a 401K into a self-directed Rollover IRA or Traditional IRA if you are eligible, so that you have unlimited investment opportunities and your money is proactively managed while reducing your fees.

At Hux Capital Management, we can help you to determine the best alternative for your 401k funds. Simply click of the Book a Meeting button to schedule a time to meet with us, or call us at 337-366-9892

Hux Capital Management’s 401K Strategy

Hux Capital Management has a different but effective perspective on 401Ks and investment portfolios than the typical broker. Our unique still of being proactive in the management of your investments and retirement accounts, allows us a distinct advantage to help you reduce costs and be more tax efficient.

Below are some of what makes us unique:

● We use math and science to come up with the best solutions for our clients versus the typical buy and hold strategies that are offered by most firms.

● If the math doesn’t back up the investment strategy, we won’t encourage moving the funds. We will be completely transparent with you.

● We are problem solvers, not salespeople. We want to put all the pieces of your investment and retirement puzzle together.

● Our goal is to build confidence in our investment strategies by giving you results, not a bunch of talk.

● We don’t get every investment decision perfectly right, but we have well thought out strategies that are customized for your needs.

● You will never hear us say the words, “Just hang in there!”



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