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How do we know if we are a good fit?

It is important to choose the right financial advisor. We believe that there are 3 primary components of a great advisor. Here they are:

● It goes without saying, that you must have tremendous trust that you advisor has your best interest in mind and that they are of high character, integrity and honor.

● Your advisor should prepare a plan for you that makes common sense to you.

● The most underrated characteristic that your advisor should have for you is likability. We have found that many in our industry like themselves a lot. We take a humble approach because if we don’t, we realize that we will be humbled. Life has a way of doing that. And so, you must like the advisor you are working with because if they are the right person, you will need to meet with them on a regular basis.

The truth is, neither of us will know if we are a fit until we meet, whether that is face to face (which we prefer), or through a virtual meeting.

Hux Capital Management understands that choosing a financial advisor can be an intimidating process but we make sure that it is one of the most pleasant business experiences you will ever have and that you never feel intimidated, rather you feel completely comfortable and confident in us. After all, we will be working together for the rest of your life and it’s very important to us that we have a transparent and great relationship with you.

Why should I partner with Hux Capital Management?

We have been independent since 2010. This means we work for you the client, and not a branch manager in corporate office.

Our advisors have accumulated over 30 years of experience, and their passion for helping you understand how they can protect your hard-earned financial interests is stronger than ever. Additionally, they like to keep things concise and simple to understand.

Our financial advisors have dedicated their careers to continuing education. Many advisors claim expertise, but many outsource the management of your money to people they’ve never met.

Click here to see the full list of our differentiators.

What qualifications do your financial advisors have?

Hux Capital Management has the experience to meet your financial needs. Our staff holds the following credentials:

FINRA licenses held with Financial:


Randy Hux – FINRA Series 7, 66

Certifications and Designations:

Randy Hux – Former Licensed Certified Public Accountant #55083, Insurance Licensed with Louisiana State Board of Insurance, BBA in Finance from Texas A&M University, 1984

Mark Hart – Mechanical Engineer from the Colorado School of Mines

Where is your office located? Do you offer online/virtual meetings?

Hux Capital Management has clients all over the country and two offices, one in Lafayette, Louisiana and another in Denver, Colorado. We offer virtual meetings to make it possible for clients to connect with us (and secure!).

We always enjoy meeting our clients in person, to discuss financial questions or do something more social.

You can schedule a complimentary meeting with us to see how we might fit into your financial planning needs. The meeting can be virtual or in-person.

Click here to book a meeting.

Why should I pay for financial advice?

Most clients agree that time is their most precious resource.

How valuable is your time?

Do you like spending countless hours researching the stocks? How often do you find yourself worrying about the market or checking phone for stock quotes?

Financial security and free time comes at a price. We believe our services are worth every minute!

Is there a fee for the initial consultation?

We offer a free initial consultation if you are not about the services of your current advisor to, We even encourage you to get second opinions even after you meet with us so that you can confirm for yourself that the plan we have for you is clearly the best one.

Click here to schedule your complimentary review.

Are there any account minimums? What clients do you typically serve?

We do not have an account minimum. We work with a wide variety of clients in varying financial circumstances. For instance, we work with:

● Those that understand the success of their retirement is too important to manage on their own.

● People that have been underserved by their advisors and are looking for a fresh start with advice that is current and strategies that are conservative and smart.

● Individuals that understand the value of a trusted partner and licensed fiduciary in order to give holistic advice.

● Those that understand the value of their time, and importance of our expertise.

● Many individual business owners

We usually work with individuals who have saved at least 500K of investable assets. However, because every person matters to us, we often help people with much less money than that. Every situation is different and we are in the business of serving our fellow man so regardless how much money you have, if you think we sound like we can help you, reach out to us and schedule a meeting. At a minimum, we’d be glad to at least give you guidance, even if we can’t help you at this time. You matter to us!

We are always open to meet with the friends and family of our existing clients regardless of their account size or needs. We would be honored to do so and we are always grateful when our clients recommend our service. Your experience with us will be unique and special each time you come to our office, or speak with our staff.

For additional information, click here to see our typical clients.

How does Hux Capital Management get paid?

We are primarily a fee-based firm and we are always transparent about our fees. We will always tell you up front what your fees will be based on and there will never be any surprises. Currently, we charge a fee for the management of assets. Additionally, since we are licensed fiduciaries, we are legally obligated to provide investment opportunities for you at Charles Schwab.

On occasion, we will need to put some of your money in products that are guaranteed never to lose money, and when we do, we are paid via commissions only on those products and those commissions are not paid by you, rather they are paid out of the company’s general and administrative expenses.

Will my accounts be available online?

You will always have convenient online access to all of your accounts. From our website, you can always access your Charles Schwab accounts by inputting your username and password, which only you can set up. The Charles Schwab site provides online access to account values, trading activity, and relevant tax documents. There is an app on your cell phones, tablets, and desktop computers, which can allow you access any time, anywhere. With some of the other strategies we use that are not held at Charles Schwab, you will also have online access to all of those accounts as well, 24/7.

What is the track record of your returns?

We are a private wealth management firm, not a mutual fund company. Our client portfolios are customized to meet each individual’s unique needs and risk tolerance. As a result, we do not publish our track record or market our investment returns since they vary from client to client. We can give you a range of how we have performed in the past, but we just don’t add up all of our returns and divide it by our number of clients and make a claim of a specific return. Your results will be different. They may be better or worse than the average client and much of that depends on timing.

Our firm’s investment philosophy is to grow wealth while focusing on risk management and downside protection. The specific mix of investments will ultimately depend upon the client’s financial plan, goals, risk tolerance levels and cash flow needs as determined by them at first consultation with our team members.

Our portfolio management is tax efficient and cost effective. Additionally, we use many diversified strategies to achieve your goals, which includes the combination of utilizing ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) and other strategies. The power of tax efficiency, cost effectiveness, proactive management of ETF’s and guaranteed products, has resulted in advantages for our clients. In some of the most difficult times, we have been able to utilize this same strategy in order to manage the amount of loss our clients have to take.

Who is Charles Schwab and why have you partnered with them?

Schwab was built around a simple idea: put the client first. Lots of companies say that, but Schwab works to keep clients at the heart of everything they do by offering a better, more modern way to build and manage wealth. We share the same values in putting our clients and their needs first.


"Our purpose is to champion every client's goals with passion and integrity. This purpose drives us to help our clients take ownership of their financial futures, helping people at all levels of income and every stage of life, because investing for the future is one of the most important things people can do for themselves and their families. We believe it is critical to the health of our communities and to our society. Our values are a way of doing business—not just a plaque on the wall.

We place the highest value on earning our clients' trust by:

  • Treating them in an ethical, empathetic, and proactive way,

  • Constantly improving the client experience through innovation that benefits clients.

  • Respecting fellow employees and reinforcing the power of teamwork.

  • Being good stewards of our brand and stockholder value. 

  • Service is the heart of who we are.

We always try to look at the world through our clients’ eyes because we believe our business should be about service, not sales."

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For more than 15 years, we've been advising our clients on these exact topics. We can help you too.

Get In Touch

For more than 15 years, we've been advising our clients on these exact topics. We can help you too.



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