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Retirement Income Solutions

The most common retirement income strategy used by your financial advisor might not be the best one for you. Often times we have found that other advisors are limited as to the tools they have to help you and additionally, they use proprietary products that their firms encourage them to use. Because we are independent and 100% product agnostic, we offer you a multitude of opportunities to secure your financial future at costs that are almost guaranteed to be much lower than what you are currently paying. Allow us to show you how this works.

If you want to discuss these innovative guaranteed retirement income solutions that will last your entire life, call our office at 337-366-9892 to schedule an appointment, or fill out the meeting form on the right to start a conversation.


Retirement Income Method

Hux Capital Management has a time-tested process for retirement income solutions that has proven to be effective, predictable, and a portion of it is 100% guaranteed. This is one reason our firm has an extraordinary client retention rate. This process includes:

● Placing your investment capital into different buckets. Dividing the investment capital helps to manage risk by diversifying into accounts that are tax free, tax deferred and cost effective.

● Each bucket is going to be invested differently, based on a number of factors.

● This method gives a blueprint for generating long-term cash flow for the portfolio.

● The objective is to never put clients at risk of running out of money. The bucket approach is an ideal method of mitigating this risk.

Of course there is more to the process than what is mentioned above, but the best way to see how well our strategies can work for you is to schedule an appointment.

Hux Capital Management’s Unique Retirement Income Strategy

Most financial advisors have a standard approach developing their clients’ retirement savings plan, we utilize proven progressive methods to eliminate the guesswork with more positive results. They are:

1. Placing a portion of your money into strategies that are 100% guaranteed never to lose money due to market losses and these strategies can also produce income that is guaranteed for the rest of your life and your spouse’s life. These strategies perform like pension funds but with more benefits.

2. Utilizing investment algorithms, that help protect your current drawdown percentage from sudden changes in the market.

3. We can immediately revise your investments, or stop the losses, until market conditions improve.

4. Using a predetermined drawdown strategy that minimizes risk and provides tremendous stress relief for our clients, knowing that they are less likely to deplete their funds. We will even put our client’s money 100% in cash if need be. Our strategy is unique, and it is customized to meet your specific needs. Our methods provide a very consistent balance to your retirement plan so that you are not worried when markets drop.

5. Using an investment algorithm strategy that is based on back-testing data from thousands of sample portfolios, so it is extremely precise. This precision dramatically increases our chances for success; however, we have also recently implemented forecasting methods that are used by Robert Shiller, a Nobel Prize winning Economist.



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