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Licensed Fiduciary

As an independent licensed fiduciary, our primary responsibility, and legal duty, is to act in your best interest in all financial matters.

We ensure that there is no bias when investing in a particular company or investment product. We come up with a written plan which becomes the blueprint for an asset management strategy. Our planning approach is best described as we are playing defense on your behalf. Yes, we want to maximize your earnings, but not at the high cost of taking big risks.

Our main objective is to safeguard your assets and increase the value of yourhard-earned money. We have a holistic approach to retirement planning, andwe have many experts throughout the country that we have partnered withto ensure that your solutions are the best ones available. Additionally, weuse clear, concise language to communicate with our clients and establishtrust-based, long-term relationships. We are not interested in trying toimpress you with our financial jargon, diplomas, or other certifications.Instead, we love being transparent, authentic, and keeping things simple.These are key traits Hux Capital Management, and they are hard to find atother institutions.

If you're interested in learning more about our approach to retirement and estate planning, give us a call at 800-988-7855, or click the Book a meeting tab at the top right of this page and we'll be happy to get started working on your financial plan.


Client focused,

initial meeting

What you can expect at your first meeting:
  • We will listen closely to what your needs are and what you are trying to accomplish.

  • We will take some time to review what you currently have and gain anunderstanding of what you are currently doing.

  • We will share our holistic approach with you and all the reasons why we do what we do. We want you to gain knowledge of proper retirement planning, investment management, and estate planning.

  • We want you to get to know us as professionals and as people. We want to connect with you.

  • We want you to know how much we care, not impress you with how much we know.

  • We will take as much time as you need.

At our second meeting:
  • We will present to you our findings about your current plan and investments.

  • We will present you our alternative plan for you and your future if we consider your plan inadequate to meet your goals. And we will give you specific reasons why we believe what we believe.

  • We will ask you for feedback from the plan we have laid out for you.

  • We will give you plenty of time to discuss our plan with your spouse or your loved ones.

  • We will ensure that before we implement any plan, we have it right the first time.

Why should you call us today?

We pride ourselves in our transparency, authenticity, our work ethic, integrity, and our personal relationships with our clients. You will never be one of a thousand clients of ours. We will never get so big that we cannot service your account the way you deserve.

We are holistic, analytical, we have state of the art technology and products, and our solutions are unique; however, we will always keep retirement and estate planning simple and straightforward for you. We are 100% independent and 100% product agnostic. We simply want what is best suited for you. We want to demonstrate our humility and honor in serving you, and to that end, we will always be great stewards of your money and give you the advice that benefits you and only you. We are required to do that by law, but even if we weren’t, we’d do it anyway.

You will never hear us say “just hang in there” to you. We don’t believe in that. We believe in adjusting as the markets are changing, which is every day.

And we are accessible 24/7/365. We make sure of it!

Other things you can expect from us:
  • There is never any pressure from us.

  • Our goal is to educate you on how to plan for retirement properly and safely.

  • We will never ask you for your business. We set a high bar for ourselves, and we believe that if we take our time and do our work carefully, you will see value in it and you will tell us when you are ready to implement it.

  • It is not possible to implement every aspect of a retirement plan all at once. It isa process. That process should be carefully and methodically implemented overtime. We will share that timeline with you.

  • We expect you to see a completely unique and refreshing approach to retirement planning. Our desire is to create a pleasurable experience and relationship with you.



Located in Lafayette, Louisiana and primarily serving Acadiana.

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Where to find us?

4023 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy

Suite 201

Lafayette, LA 70503


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